AT-HOME/TRAVEL PORTABLE WORKOUT KIT for Only $69.95 + $4.49 Shipping ✮ Dumbbells, Weight Balls, Resistance Bands, Door Anchor, Carrying Case/Fold-Out Mat ✮ 3 20-Minute Professional Exercise Programs

List Price: $79.95
Item Price : $69.95- Check Price
Top Feature :
Functional Lightweight (4lbs) Portable Exercise Program for All Ages

Item Description:

The Mobi X Gym kit weighs only 4 lbs It contains 2 Water-Fillable Dumbbells up to 20 lbs per side, 2 Water-Fillable Weight Balls up to 3 lbs and 7 lbs, 3 Resistance Bands of Varying Strengths that can be combined, Door Anchor, and Nylon Carry Case that converts into a mat. It contains over $200.00 of products for only $99.95

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