Gym1 Pull Up Extender for more pullup positions away from the Doorway

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Item ASIN: B00FM638T2
Top Feature :
Includes the pull up extender

Item Description:

Offers more positions for an effective upper body workout *Increased range of hand positions for an effective workout. *Spaced away from the wall for more comfort and versatility. *Broader range of back, shoulder, and abs exercises including swinging. Work core muscles by adding elements of swinging to your workout Unlike a traditional pull-up bar, the Gorilla Gym Pull-Up Extender makes it possible to target your whole body with a wide range of exercises. And forget bars that fall off or fail to be safe and sturdy; the Gorilla Gym conquers these problems. Using adjustable Vise Grips that securely fit your door frame, it attaches in seconds and is just as easy to remove! The Gorilla Gym Pull-up Extender snaps on the core Gorilla Gym in seconds and increases the range of hand positions to a width of 39″ The sturdy steel construction supports up to 240 lbs of weight and gives you 6″ of clearance from the door frame. Our patented Gorilla Gym Vise-Grips add stability to allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises with a larger range of motions such as pull-ups, chin-ups, swinging arm, ab, and shoulder exercises.

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