Gwee Gym Lite Total Body Workout Kit with Workout DVD, Travel Bag, and Healthy Eating e-Book

List Price: $59.95
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Top Feature :
PORTABLE, EASY TO USE SYSTEM FOR WORKING OUT ANYWHERE: This Low Impact, Versatile Resistance Exercise Kit is Perfect for Everyone! With the Workout DVD, it’s Like having a Personal Trainer in your Own Home. Get Rid of Bulky Exercise Equipment – The Gwee® Gym Weighs Less than 1 Pound and is Easy to Take Anywhere.

Item Description:

Experience the Gwee Gym! This Revolutionary New Device was Specially Designed to Supply Constant Force During your Workout, Giving you a Total Body Workout like No Other. The Gwee Gym Offers a Variety of Unique Exercises that are Gentle on your Joints and can be Performed in a Standing or Sitting Position.

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