Pilates Power Transformer Series DVD: The Integrated Approach by June Kahn, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Tower, Pilates Cadillac, Stretching, Strengthening, Core Strength, Better Posture

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IMPROVE YOUR FORM AND FRESHEN YOUR PILATES REFORMER WORKOUT – Enjoy a fresh, motivating workout from master international trainer June Kahn, renowned for her quality workouts, strong cueing, and leading Pilates education

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EXPERIENCE A FRESH PILATES WORKOUT! This high quality DVD is mastered by Pilates and fitness expert June Kahn, known for her focus, educational style, strong cueing during the workout, and quality programming for body balance. Learn a new and integrated Approach to the Pilates Reformer. Section 1 takes you through a series of progressions for bginners and novices up through intermediate reformer progressions, for those who have some strength and form already. PILATES CADILLAC PROGRESSIONS  You then transform your workout to a basic Tower workout with a variety of Pilates Cadillac progressions in a number of postures. INTEGRATE PILATES REFORMER WITH PILATES TOWER The final section allows you to experience the ultimate in contemporary training: integrating the use of the Reformer WITH the Tower apparatus. By combining the tower with the springs and straps of the reformer you will be introduced to a basic workout that will challenge your core like never before! PILATES EQUIPMENT ON THIS VIDEO In this video, the Pilates Reformer and Pilates Reformer with Tower Attachment or Tower Apparatus Alone are emphasized. Other fitness professionals in this video Nancy Gitlin, Certified Pilates Trainer LENGTH OF VIDEO: 76 minutes

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