Ropework for Kids 2.0 – Jump Rope Instructional DVD By Rene Bibaud.

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Learn single rope basic and intermediate level skills. A variety of skills are demonstrated to provide hours of new skill ideas.

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Jumping rope is an incredible lifetime fitness activity. It’s builds endurance, timing and coordination. It can be done almost anywhere, is inexpensive, portable & fun. Ropeworks is the creation of athlete, entertainer and motivational speaker, Rene Bibaud. Rene has won several world rope championships and traveled the world as a performer and coach of the renowned Cirque Du Soleil. She is an articulate speaker who excels the benefits of the single best fitness tool available – the jump rope. In Ropeworks for Kids 2.0 Rene shares basic and intermediate level jump rope skills for kids of all ages. Skills are broken down so you can learn the skills at your own pace. The DVD includes instruction or demonstrations in: Single Rope Skills – Basic to Intermediate Level Partner Work – Side by side, wheel and a short group routine. Traveling – A group routine shown by many jump rope teams across the U.S. Double Dutch Demonstration – by a competitive jump rope team. Single rope skills are demonstrated first,then broken down and the partner and group routine sections are demonstrated to inspire ideas. Suggested starting age is 7 though many younger jumpers can find skills to work on or be inspired and entertained. Ropeworks 2.0. – Same skills with a fresh look and more students to demonstrations. This DVD has been seen by hundreds of thousands of students and educators across the country through physical education classes and after school programs since 2001. We’ve taken the same great skills and made sure to include boys and girls of various ages and abilities to the video, so it’s relatable to even more jumpers. Join jump rope artist Rene Bibaud in Ropework for Kids 2.0 – an instructional and motivational DVD for kids aged 7 and older.

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