RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART SYSTEMA TRAINING 2 DVD SET – Instructional Martial Arts Videos of Street Self-Defense Training by Russian Spetsnaz, Russian Special Forces in Hand-To-Hand Combat

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RUSSIAN MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ 2 DVD SET: from 3-days of Systema Instructors Training, we created an instructional video course to master vital self-defense combat skills!

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RUSSIAN SYSTEMA DVD #18: BEST SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING TECHNIQUES COLLECTED FROM THE INSTRUCTORS TRAINING PROGRAM This Martial Arts Training DVD is an incredible collection of Systema Self-Defense Training theory and Best Fighting Techniques that you will not find in any other Spetsnaz DVDs! From 3-days of Russian Systema Instructors Training, we created a Unique Martial Art Instructional Video Course! MORE THAN 50 PRACTICAL AND EASY TO FOLLOW HAND TO HAND COMBAT TRAINING TECHNIQUES of reality-based street self defense fighting! DISCOVER THE ADVANTAGES OF RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ TRAINING VS OTHER MARTIAL ARTS – what should you focus on, and how to avoid common fighting mistakes to make your training more powerful and effective! BRING YOUR SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING TO A NEW LEVEL by learning – safe falling techniques (on a concrete without hurting yourself) – powerful penetrating punches and strikes: triple strikes, cross principle, bear-paw strike and knuckle strikes – grabs, chokes and holds releases – famous Russian Spetsnaz book-technique – development of flexibility to better perceive your body and work with knife and gun – combat with multiple opponents in a limited space – inner energy and intuition – practical self-defense techniques against an angry dog attack THIS SELF-DEFENSE DVDS WILL BENEFIT ALL MARTIAL ARTS STYLES AND HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT SCHOOLS. Running Time: 2 hours 2 minutes (2 DVD set) Language: English Russian Martial Arts Instructor: ┬áVadim Starov

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