Shazzy Fitness: A Time to Dance Workout DVD – Cardio Exercise Video including Christian Hip-Hop Music for all – adults, women, kids.

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SHAPE what the Father gave ya!

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A Fun, Easy to Learn Dance Workout for All Ages This intermediate high-energy dance fitness workout video is designed by leading faith-based fitness producers Shazzy Fitness to burn fat and calories in just 25 minutes a day through fun cardio dance moves with music that also strengthens your faith. Ideal for dance fans and dance fitness enthusiasts. This fitness DVD begins with an instructional segment, teaching you step-by-step how to do some of the most popular exercise moves included in the workout. Lead instructor Apollo then leads you through family-friendly contemporary dance routines with Christian hip-hop music beats that are consistent with your faith, that you can do with your kids or your grandkids – so much fun it will even make you forget that you’re working out! As seen in: SHAPE magazine, CBN News, Workout Trends and Chicago Sun-Times.

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