Yoga Trapeze DVD Video [official] | 3 Flow Sequences | by YOGABODY

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Step-by-Step Instructions: watch and practice along with Lucas Rockwood and Brett Larkin as they walk you through the setup, full postures, and modifications for all body types. The pacing is appropriate for all levels, and complex movements are broken down into steps.

Item Description:

Looking for Yoga Trapeze DVD videos? Let me guess… you purchased a Yoga Trapeze and are looking for at-home video tutorials so you can practice new and different poses, am I right? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Filmed at the official YOGABODY Fitness Studios in Barcelona, you’ll find 3 step-by-step video flows to help you get the most from your Yoga Trapeze. These HD videos come on a sleek DVD that can be used with any PC or Mac computer-or in any DVD Player. Includes both beginner and intermediate variations for all levels. Use these tutorials ad hoc or watch and practice the entire series of poses during one session – it’s up to you!

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