Liibot Multicolored 11 Sets of Natural Rubber Latex Resistance And Practical Yoga Fitness Rally Set

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Item ASIN: B073TG5V7G
Top Feature :
Exercise is everywhere, whether in the office, bedroom, living room or outdoor camping, exercise is very simple and convenient.

Item Description:

-Exercise Everywhere -No matter in the office, bedroom, sitting room, or camping outdoors, it’s simple and convenient to do exercise. -Benefits of Using Resistance Bands: -Incredible low cost,storage space is small, occupies a small face value, easy to carry, very suitable for tourism. -Applicable to a variety of fitness levels for men or women or teenagers. Why Choose Our Resistance Bands? -High elasticity made of natural environmental protection rubber tube, solid and durable. -Stainless steel linked steel, safe and reliable, quality assurance. -Using high-quality foam, non-slip, sweat, easy to clean. -Easy to use, easy to use. Products Includes: -1*Yellow band = 5 lbs. -1*Green band = 10 lbs. -1*Red band = 15 lbs. -1*Blue band = 20 lbs. -1*Black band = 25 lbs. -2*cushioned handles -2*ankle straps -1*Door anchor -1*Waterproof Carry Bag Tips -Take care of your safety while in use. -Some products may be a little smell, it is recommended to place a period of time, you can reduce the smell.

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