Exer-Genie: Revolutionary Exerciser- Complete Exercise System

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New Model EXERGENIE VRT CLASSIC Exerciser with improved resistance dialing hub

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New Model EXERGENIE CLASSIC Training System, Made in USA, Used by people of all ages for over 50years and in all Sport, Rehab and General Strength and Flexibility exercise. Proven effective by Professional Athletes, Featured in the Navy Seal Exercise Manual 2011 and is for anyone age 5 to 105. Safe strength, flexibility and muscle building. Comes complete with everything you need to do 1000’s of exercises. Great for functional fitness and rehab or for sport performance. If you need speed, strength, flexibility you need an EXER-GENIE. Golf Specific Exercises to help you improve your body and enhance your performance. This Current EXERGENIE Model includes as a Bonus the Padded Stirrup Handles used for Personal Rehab, Sport Specific Resistive Training, Swimming Strength and Endurance Training at any angle and any resistance setting. All Sales are Final  

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