Hand Made in the Uk – Peradon Classic 58” 2pc ALL ASH Matching Snooker Cue – 9.5mm Elk Master Tip

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Peradon CLASSIC 58 2pc ALL ASH Matching Snooker Cue – 9.5mm Elk Tip

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A truly unique and beautiful 2 piece cue made in the UK by Peradon that features an Ash butt with a matching Ash shaft -??€?measures 58;58?? 2 piece matching Ash snooker cue; Full Ash cue -?? butt and shaft are made from 1 piece of premium North American Ash; Silky smooth shaft;Real Rosewood front splice; Genuine Plum and Sycamore veneers; Brass ferrule -??€?9.5mm Elkmaster leather stick-on tip;Brass quick release centre joint; Peradon badge inlayed into butt; Quick release joint in butt for extension;Cue weights available range from 17oz to 19oz; Request a weight via message and we’ll do our best to match it!

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