Powerline P2X Home Gym

List Price: $1,000.19
Item Price : $909.00-$909.00 Check Price
Item ASIN: B001RQT10G
Top Feature :
Multi-function gym with training arms engineered for free-range movements for users of any size

Item Description:

Powerline P2X home gym. Gym with functional training arms. The user-friendly, multi-function Powerline P2 home gym is cleverly engineered to offer free-range movements and exceptional range of motion for any size user. By combining an ergonomically correct press arm and a functional training arm, the P2X puts you in the unique position to have the best of both worlds: traditional exercises as well as functional training in a single, compact machine. Add even more functionality to this great gym by adding the optional plpx leg press and SP50 50lb weight stack upgrade. The Plex leg press features a 2:1 weight ratio meaning the 160lb weight stack feels more like a 320lbs.

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