Vasa Trainer Pro

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Item ASIN: B000E91J34
Top Feature :
Improves Athletic Performance

Item Description:

The Vasa Trainer is a versatile exercise machine that provides an elegantly simple, time efficient and motivational approach to functional sports & fitness training. Regular use of the Vasa Trainer dramatically improves sports-specific performance, muscular strength, power, speed, endurance, balance, coordination and core stability. The Vasa Trainer uses your own body weight as resistance, which is one of the safest, smoothest and most natural forms of exercise available. By raising your body up a variable incline against gravity, the Vasa Trainer utilizes your body weight to increase strength and fitness. The Vasa Pro is an excellent value for club, team, clinic or home use and moderately harsh environments. Standard features include aluminum monorail and epoxy-coated steel frame. Can be used in moderate environments. Includes standard tapered anatomic bench, pull-up strap bar, modular handles and paddles, deluxe pulley cable system, 1 stretch cord and a comprehensive training manual. Full details at

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