Ab Wheel with Adjustable Handles – Exercise More Muscle Groups – Contains Ab Wheel Training Guide – For Beginner or Advanced Exerciser

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✮ BUILD MUSCLE AND SCULPT ABDOMINALS: Rapidly build muscle density and sculpt your abdominals, obliques, arms and shoulders – Provides core strengthening and body toning results within weeks of committed use.

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Finally… you don’t need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment. • The unique flexibility of the Urban Home Gym Ab Wheel means you don’t need to purchase extra exercise equipment to work those muscles that an ordinary ab wheel can’t get to. • Switching between the NEUTRAL and ALTERNATING grip will quickly help you take your workouts to the next level. • If you are looking to tighten your waist and need variety in your ab training, then this will definitely be of benefit to you. Benefits of the Urban Home Gym Ab Wheel • Improves Posture • Increase Metabolism – Burn calories while at rest! • Better Sporting Performance • Whole Body Workout • Portable and Easy to Assemble • Improves your Coordination and Mobility • Reduced Risk of Injury Who Should Use the Urban Home Gym Ab Wheel? • Runners, gym enthusiasts, and athletes • Anyone who wants to strengthen their core, reduce back pain and improve athletic performance • Anyone in a sports team • Anyone looking to tone up, look great and feel even better • Complete beginner exercisers SPECIAL OFFER—————————— ***For A Limited Time Only Get A Copy of ‘The Ultimate Ab Wheel Training Guide: 25 Exercises and 3 Workout Plans for Full Body Strength and Toning’ FREE With Your Purchase *** Our 100% Money Back Guarantee If you are not happy with your purchase in any way, let us know and we will make it right immediately by REFUNDING or REPLACING your order.

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