Anchor Gym- CORE Station

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Top Feature :
Great for home, commercial fitness, or physical therapy.

Item Description:

The CORE Station provides the platform for hundreds of exercises using resistance bands, suspension straps and stretch straps. Purchase one or outfit an entire fitness area for group training. Anchor Gym safely anchors all types of accessories. Personal trainers love the variety of exercises and the ability to quickly transition. Wall mounted, space-saving design that is very easy-to-use for everyone from beginner to advanced athlete. Easy to install. The system is mounted to wood studs using lag screws (supplied). Can also be installed into concrete and cinder block walls using anchor sleeve bolts (supplied upon request). Installation instructions can be viewed on our Core Energy Fitness website: Comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Heavy duty construction. Each H2 unit is amazingly strong and is rated to 300 pounds of resistance. With no moving parts, the H2 is rock solid!.

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