Best Home Workout Gymnastics Bar Equipment: KT Two Tier Height Adjustable Folding Chin Up Bar For Kids And Adults Model KT1.HT, Perfect Gym Fitness Pull Up Station With 02 Horizontal Exercise Bar

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Item ASIN: B0719DXZ7L
Top Feature :
Exercise Gymnastics Bar Equipment for Kids and Adults has 02 pull up station. Both 02 horizontal bars can be adjusted easily to the right height for you (without spanner wrench). Upper bar max height 92.5 inches, lower bar min height 53.1 inches. If you’re finding our other models for adults only, search “khanh trinh” on Amazon or Google

Item Description:

If you are looking for a Best Home Workout Exercise Gymnastics Bar Equipment for both Kids and Adults, this KT 2 tier portable folding free standing pull up station is a perfect choice of you. Not only helps adults IMPROVE HEALTH, have beautiful body (FITNESS), relieve stiff and sore in back after long sitting and TREAT BACK PAIN (sciatica, disc herniation, spinal degeneration…) effectively, this exercise bar also helps children increase height quickly, reduce fat, increase agility. It has 02 horizontal bars, both of them can be adjusted easily to the right height for users.The taller user will use the upper bar, its max height 92.5 inches (235cm) max load 440.9 pounds (200kgs). When the shorter user exercises, only mount the lower bar to the frame at the appropriate height level. Min height of the lower bar is 53.1 inches (135cm) suitable for children about 39.3 inches tall. Children grow up, you can change the height of lower bar to higher level until they can use the upper bar. Two horizontal bars are not used at the same time. When using the upper bar, you can remove the lower bar from the frame easily. Like our other models (search “khanh trinh” on Amazon) , this KT 2 tier gymnastics equipment is LIGHT WEIGHT (44.1pounds) , FOLDABLE (in 35 seconds), PORTABLE, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE, and VERY STURDY. MADE FROM HIGH STRENGTH ALLOY STEEL with standard ISO 9001-2015 production line, It’s not only differently designed but also is a high quality workout bar. SAFE for all users, NEVER drop like doorway chin up bar or collapse. Will last for years of hard continued use. 10 YEAR WARRANTY, no-risk purchase. Supports work out and hanging swing, punching bag, yoga hammock…BUY NOW!!!

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