Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System with Upgrades/Full-length Safety Bars, Silver/Gray/Black/Red

List Price: $449.99
Item Price : $359.98-$359.98 Check Price
Top Feature :
Wide range, walk-in frame design + safe, efficient footprint for lateral movement strength-training (squat, press, pull-up, dips and more)

Item Description:

The Body Power deluxe power rack cage system is designed and engineered for extra, heavy duty performance at a value-driven and optimized cost for your at-home workouts. We created this cage system with the necessities and best features possible with safety as the foundation while reducing unnecessary costs in the product development, manufacturing, and Marketing stages. Our Body Power deluxe power rack cage is the all-inclusive, fully-loaded machine to meet your fitness pursuits. It’s that simple. Cheers to your fitness and wellness.

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