Body Solid FUSION 600 Personal Trainer w/ 310 Lb. Stack

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Body Solid FUSION F600 Personal Trainer w/ 310 Pound Weight Stack. Take range of motion to a new dimension by configuring the Fusion 600 multi-station gym into the system that works for you. With its revolutionary Bi-Angular Press Arm, seated leg curl, dedicated mid row and functional training arms, you’ll be able to flex your workouts with industry-current technology and biometrics. With its design-forward aesthetic and motivating presence, you’ve found a new partner in total physical fitness with the Body-Solid Fusion 600 home gym. Design your gym to adapt to your available floor space and address your training needs, preferences and goals. Just add the stations and accessories that will help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Then, work out on your own time, at your own pace, in your own home. Body-Solid’s Fusion 600 Personal Trainer Features: – Body-Solid’s revolutionary Bi-Angular press arm that generates 25% more muscle interaction for better results. – 4-position standard press arm with ergonomically designed multi-position handles. – A leg curl station that lets the user develop both hamstrings simultaneously from a comfortable, seated position. – Leg extension with pivoting rollers that provides a full range of motion and allows you to feel your quads being worked through the entire range of movement. – Synchronized articulating functional training arms with range extending from upper ab exercises to side-accessed workouts. – Gas assist telescoping seat and telescoping back rest with multiple position cushion that ensures comfort and adjustability for any size user. – Two pre-cabled accessory attachment points that enable you to configure your gym to be as individually unique as your personal goals and routines demand. – Superior engineering and construction backed by the Body-Solid guarantee to last a lifetime. – Workout Placard with 20 exercises examples included.

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