CERBERUS Strength Heavy Duty Sandbag with Liner Kit – Built TOUGH – Quadruple Stitched – up to 130kg capacity by CERBERUS Strength

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Top Feature :
Rugged bag measures 24″x36″ (61cm x 92cm)

Item Description:

Indoors or outdoors, our CERBERUS Sandbag is made for tough stuff like lifting, carrying, throwing and loading – and it trains your grip each time you workout! The Sandbag is awkward to lift, requiring that you fight hard to perform exercises with it, just like working with a real-life object or person. A great choice for MMA athletes, grapplers or wrestlers. Coarser-grained sand works best and we would also suggest some form of liner for your sand such as our CERBERUS Sandbag Liner.

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