EXEFIT Exercise Resistance Bands,Ab Wheels,Chest Expander,Push Up Stand,Leg and Arm Trainer Fully Body Fitness Exercise Workouts 5 in 1 set.(RED)

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Top Feature :
Fully body workout for exercise and fitness,Practice your chest , abdominal , shoulder ,arms , legs and so on.

Item Description:

Product Specification 1.Product Name:Workout Kit 5 in 1 Set. 2.Material-Type:Plastic/Latex Tube/Foam. 3.Component: A.Two Plastic Pedals B.Two Plastic Wheels C.Two Hand Grips D.A Short Bar with Two Protecting Jackets E.A Door Holder F.Five Latex Tubes. 4.Color:Blue-Black/Red-Black. 5.Workout Kit 5 in 1 Set:Ab Wheels/Push Up Stand/Resistance Bands/Chest Expander/Leg and Arm Trainer. 6.Item Weight:1.55Kg. How to Combine 1.AB WHEELS Consists Of Two Wheels and A Short Bar. 2.PUSH UP STAND Consists Of Two Wheels and Two Hand Grips. 3.LEG AND ARM TRAINER–Pedal Rally Consists Of Two Pedals,Two Hand Grips and Four Latex Tubes. 4.RESISTANCE BANDS–Door Rally Consists Of Two Hand Grips,Four Latex Tubes and A Door Holder. 5.CHEST EXPANDER–Rally Consists Of Two Hand Grips and Five Latex Tubes.

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