GoFit GoBarre Ballet Workout Set, Portable, Adustable Free-Standing Ballet Bar for Dancing, Stretching, Barre Workouts with Resistance Band and Core Ab Ball

List Price: $159.99
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Item ASIN: B01B6L65Q4
Top Feature :
Includes: One GoBarre, Core Ab Ball, Medium Resistance Flat Band, Workout DVD, Laminated Flip Book; USA Hardwood Barre – 48in x 1.5in (121cm x 3.8cm), Adjustable in height from 36in to 54in (91cm to 137cm). Core Ab Ball – 8in diameter (20cm)

Item Description:

The GoFit GoBarre integrates today’s hottest ballet barre workout, with the right gear and ballet-inspired moves. They all work together to tone, lift and sculpt your total body with an adjustable height appropriate for dancers of all ages. About GoFit: Train. Recover. Repeat. This simple fitness philosophy can help you get results, and go “fit” through life. GoFit offers gear and training for a total home-fitness solution designed to get real results for real people. It’s not a one-time-and-done solution, but a life-long process—a philosophy of fitness: Train. Recover. Repeat. Follow this course of action and you’ll get real results. Founded in 1999, GoFit set out to integrate superior fitness products with professional training. GoFit quickly developed into a top fitness manufacturer and industry leader. Our focus of combining innovative products with world-class instructional content from top experts in fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, endures. GoFit targets a “fit” lifestyle with a full range of products for core training, weighted resistance, muscle pain management, yoga and sports performance. GoFit’s ongoing vision links the right product, and the best training, with people ready to make a dramatic, positive change. Are you ready for a fitness philosophy that gets results? Train. Recover. Repeat.

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