Gold’s Gym Fitness Workout Hand Weights Exercise Dumbbell Set with Storage Tray

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Top Feature :
2, 3-pound dumbbells

Item Description:

It’s true that muscles are made in the gym, but they can also be made at home with the Gold’s Gym Dumbbell Set with Storage Tray. This dumbbell set includes 3 pairs of dumbbells in 3, 5, and 8-pound weights, as well as a storage tray. You won’t slip up with these dumbbells because they’re neoprene covered for maximum grip. Create your own fitness routine or use the included workout DVD and printable circuit workouts. Feel free to use different weights for different exercises to customize your exercise routine and maximize your results. This weight set will help you revamp your arms and the rest of your upper body. Go for the gold and choose the Gold’s Gym Dumbbell Set today.

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