IFLYING Heavy Duty Doorway Pull-Up Bar Pull Up Home Gym and Upper Body Workout, Gray

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Take this heavy duty pull up bar with you everywhere and improve your physique using your own home gym exercise equipment

Item Description:

Iflying doorway chin up bar dreaming of the “Popeye muscle” for better looking but having not much time for the gym? Iflyiing chin up help you make the dream come true. Iflying doorway chin up bar is engineered for active individuals desiring to build more upper body strength and endurance. Become strong, muscular and good-looking in the comfort of your own home many people want to start working out and get into shape, but they can’t afford to pay for an expensive gym membership or a personal trainer. Not only that, but working out in a regular gym takes time. Especially if your gym is far away from your home. The fact is that you don’t need a gym to build a strong, chiseled, Hollywood-like physique. You only need commitment and a pull up bar. Why this IFLYING strength pull up bar is the best way to build an attractive physique 1. It goes along with a guide that explains you a variety of exercises so you can become bigger, leaner and stronger. 2. Pull-ups target almost all of your upper body, including your back, biceps, shoulders and abs. 3. Just by changing the grip width you’re able to target a completely different muscle group. 4. This is a portable pull up bar. With quick and easy installation, you can take it just about anywhere. 5. You can also use it for working out your other muscles like chest and arms – all explained in our free workout guide.

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