Isokinator Green Giant Most Professional Total Home Gym in Mobile Compact Size Made By Gert F. Koelbel

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Top Feature :
a compact, mobile fitness device with control function and a professional workout plan in print form, on DVD and as an app

Item Description:

Even more muscles, even more strength, even more stamina A short but highly intensive workout routine Only 7 exercises in 23 minutes of training every other day suffice. You see and feel your body shape up more and more, developing an increasingly athletic physique. Scientifically proven by university-based expertises; 36 training sessions using the Isokinator increase muscle mass by an average of 38 cm, distributed over the entire body, even in cases of well-trained sports students. Strength training anywhere, anytime With a weight of 600 grams, the Isokinator Green Giant is your mobile companion. There’s no need to set it up anywhere and it requires no fastenings or rope pulls. For pros, unlimited resistances are continuously variable from 0-397 lbs. For professional whole-body workouts at home or on the go. You train when and where you want to. With this scientifically assisted muscle-building, you will save yourself membership fees and the time spent on trips to the fitness studio. Simply ingenious Set a resistance, pull on the short or long straps and create constant tension. Then move this so-called power block freely along your body for isokinetic-desmodromic training as if in slow motion with no risk of injury. The control function of the display balls rules out risk of training errors. The Isokinator comes with an easy-to-grasp manual, a DVD, a training diary and a free app for your smartphone. That’s all you need. The Isokinator goes along with any movement you make, like with so-called free dumbbell training. But always using exactly 70% of your maximum strength and under full load for the entire course of the movement – with no risk of attrition or strain on joints. Koelbel guarantees even more success – for advanced pros too!

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