Kymaro Rhythm Rocker

List Price: $99.99
Item Price : $89.99- Check Price
Top Feature :
Tighten and tone abs and obliques, your shoulders, arms and strengthen your lower back

Item Description:

Dance Your Way to a Better Body Rock It…Crunch It…Roll It Unleash the Dancer in you while sitting down and actually have FUN while working out The Rhythm Rocker’s exclusive Stabilizing Inter-Axial TechnologyTM (S.I.T.TM) allows the Rhythm Rocker’s comfortable padded seat to tilt a full 360 degrees, delivering dual-directional resistance that targets and isolates your core and lower back. Create your own level of resistance by leveraging your body weight against the tilting action of the seat. Includes: 2 Rhythm Rocking Workouts on one DVD that burn your ABS 7-Day Fat Burning Program and Nutrition Guide Travel Bag

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