Marcy Multi-Function Cage System MWM-7041

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Top Feature :
High and low pulley position for upper and lower body exercises utilizing the lat and tricep bar

Item Description:

Train harder and heavier with the mwm 7041 cage system. Based on the classic power rack design found in professional health clubs and gyms, the mwm 7041 allows you to lift with total confidence and the added safety of having a durable rack design with large, oversized bar catches. It includes a lat and triceps bar, as well as wide grip Pull-Up handles and adjustable dip handles. This cage also features commercial-style Olympic barbell catches with an Olympic plate loaded trolley, and has a storage organizer for your kettle weight and weight plates. With its Multi-Grip chin-up bar and adjustable dip handles, you can go beyond the typical pressing and squatting exercises for a more intense workout.

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