New For 2017 Taiy Fitness 5 In 1 Portable Home Gym Equipment With Door Anchor System, Ab Roller, Resistance Bands, Push Up Stand, Chest Expander, Pedal Exerciser, Carry Bag, Instruction Manual

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Item ASIN: B01N27KRX8
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NEW FOR 2017 5 IN 1 HOME GYM the ultimate quality constructed home gym accessory for working out in the home, office, dorm, or travel

Item Description:

Workout Anytime Anywhere With The 5 In 1 Portable Home Gym Equipment By Taiy Fitness This 5 in 1 home gym system is a high quality constructed accessory for use in the home, office, dorm, or travel. The grip is made of HDPE material with built in finger grooves for a non-slip experience. Each Resistance band contains steel clips for a stronger attachment. The resistance bands are made of environment friendly TPU. It is healthier for the user and more durable than most other bands and tubes. The home gym accessories come complete with a foot pedal exerciser to use for balance, flexibility, and many other exercises using the upper and lower body. The 5 resistance bands can accommodate up to 20lbs each for a total of 100 lbs. The resistance bands are easily adjusted for desired weight by adding or subtracting a band. Just by adding the resistance bands to each end of the handles, you have created a chest expander to build your upper body. A door anchor is also included to add additional exercises. Use the door anchor system with the top of the door for working out the chest, back, and arms. Use the bottom of the door attachment for working out the arms, shoulders, and legs. Work your abdominals and chest by using the handles to convert back and forth from push ups to ab roller using the disks and metal bar. The 5 in 1 home gym system can be used for toning, developing muscle, power, weight loss, therapy, balance, flexibility, and muscular endurance for a complete body workout. It is lightweight and portable so you can use it anywhere at anytime. This home gym accessory system is affordable ]and can be used for a variety of exercises to suit your needs whether your a male or female. The high quality construction assures a long lasting gym accessory for years to come. Each system comes with a FREE carry bag and INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

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