OfficeGYM the Office Chair Trainer

List Price: $100.00
Item Price : $106.00-$100.00 Check Price
Top Feature :
The first fitness training device for your office chair

Item Description:

OfficeGym is a ground-breaking resistance training device that is designed to be attached to the back rest of virtually any office chair. Install it on your own existing chair and start stretching and training your body and help prevent all postural conditions that are caused by many hours sitting at a desk, every day. You can strengthen your muscles and improve your circulation, all while sitting at your desk. It will help you to be more alert, energized and productive in your work day. Save time, be efficient. No need to take extra time off your busy schedule to go to a gym when you can use the OfficeGYM to fit many short but efficient workouts throughout your day.

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