Pinty All-in-One Full Workout Equipment Ab Wheel Roller Kit Adjustable Strength Trainer Chest Expander Pushup Bars Handles Leg Trainer with 5 Resistance Bands Perfect for Abdominal Core Fitness

List Price: $32.99
Item Price : $28.99-$32.99 Check Price
Item ASIN: B01N10345G
Top Feature :
Compact All-in-One Workout Kit Provides the Best Value; kit includes: ab wheel, chest expander, pushup bars, leg trainer and more function waiting to be discovered

Item Description:

Specifications:Package dimensions: 12.0” x 30.5” x 7.5”Package weight: 4.8lbsMaterial: premium plasticResistance cable capacity: 20lbs eachColor: blue Package includes:5x resistance cables2x handles2x handles mainly for foot use2x EVA ab wheels2x stainless steel stickLooking for a compact yet effective workout tool that you can use on the go? Stop looking and try our all-in-one workout kit instead! This wonderful set comes with 2 pairs of handles, 5 resistance cables and 1 ab wheel, with which you can work out for your abs, chest, legs etc. Compact enough to fit in your suitcase, busy professionals can travel with it and work out anytime, anywhere. Get one now!

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