Primal 7 Pro (Suspension Straps, Support Bands, Gymnast Rings)

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Top Feature :
Adjustable suspension straps with built-in door anchors for your home gym.

Item Description:

Primal 7 is a portable training system that combines suspension straps and resistance bands to create the first Supported Bodyweight TrainerTM. Our patented system takes suspension exercise far beyond traditional suspension trainers, adding an element of support with interchangeable, elastic bands. By sitting or leaning into the band, the user can achieve a full range of natural, pain-free motion. This makes Primal 7 a powerful tool for physical rehabilitation, unloading painful or post-op joints to enable functional exercise. Primal 7 is equally powerful as sports training equipment, freeing athletes to train the way they play. The band frees you from the need to hold on to handles and opens up an entirely new range of possibilities for sports-specific training, ballistic training, instability training, and corrective exercise. Whether in one-on-one sessions or in group training sessions, Primal 7 is a game-changer for personal trainers and fitness studios. For a safe, total body workout at home, in the gym, or at the clinic – Primal 7 is the answer. Your Primal 7 Pro bundle can be used over any door, bar, or tree branch and comes with two interchangeable performance bands to be used for support or as advanced resistance bands. The P1 band can safely support up to 175 lbs., while the P2 band can support up to 275 lbs. If you will be using the system over the door only and just need the P1 band, checkout the Primal 7 Home bundle.

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