ProForm CrossCut Door Gym

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Door gym that incorporates

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Designed to seriously challenge your body, the ProForm Crosscut utilizes multiple resistance tubes that easily attach to a standard door to create the ultimate home gym. Thanks to the unique “X” shape of the tubes, you can train high-to-low, low-to-high, unilaterally, bilaterally or full-body cross-motion style. You can target all of your major muscle groups: back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs and core. The ProForm Crosscut comes with lots of extras: a fabulous wall chart with over 50 exercises, 2 comfort handles, 2 ankle strap attachments, 4 connection clips and 250 lbs. of dynamic resistance. This home gym is easy to set-up, take down and conveniently store in a small space between workouts.

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