Stamina Golds Gym Ab Gym

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Top Feature :
Dimensions: 27L X 27 W X 24H in.

Item Description:

Often, crunches alone aren’t enough to get you to your goals. The Stamina Golds Gym Ab Gym is designed to give you a full range of motion to engage upper and lower abs deeply for a high-intensity, efficient abs workout that gets results. A minor slip in form can rob crunches and sit-ups of their effectiveness; that’s why this ab gym’s specially designed frame keeps your body properly aligned in the ideal position for maximum effectiveness. High-density foam cushioning supports your head and neck, keeping them in alignment to avoid strain. The anti-slip rubber base keeps the ab gym from slipping or sliding. Dimensions: 27L X 27 W X 24H in.. Metal frame construction. High-density foam pad for neck support and comfortability. Rubber bottom for stable placement. Full range of motion targets both upper and lower abdominals.

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