Stamina Outdoor Fitness Multi-Station Gym

List Price: $162.61
Item Price : $157.60-$157.60 Check Price
Top Feature :
Manufactured with hardware specifically designed to withstand outdoor elements

Item Description:

Working out outdoors has been proven to provide many benefits to your fitness routine. The Stamina Outdoor Fitness Multi-Station is a perfect way to get outside to workout. The Outdoor Fitness Multi-Station is built of heavy gauge steel with stainless hardware to withstand outdoor elements. The Stamina Outdoor Fitness equipment is manufactured with paint designed to have excellent weather ability with chip and corrosion resistance plus UV protection for excellent color retention. It is easy to assemble, install and requires little to no maintenance. The Outdoor Fitness Multi-Station various workout options to build core, chest, arms and back strength. You can perform various exercises such as dips, push-ups, incline push-ups, inverted rows and knee raises for a total body workout.

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