Stamina | X Warrior Home Gym

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Dip station

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Warrior Strong: Functional fitness means being prepared for real life situations. Training your body with the movements that you use on a daily basis. Athletes, serious fitness enthusiasts, and the average Joe all need to move about during their day. With the Stamina|X Warrior you train those movements using your body weight. Build your arms, chest, shoulders, back, and abs with dips, modified rows, and multiple push-up positions. Work your legs with lunges and single leg squats. The Warrior is the only dip station on the market with an adjustable plyometric, or plyo, box built in. Use the built-in plyo box for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Warrior Tough: The engineers at Stamina Products know that flimsy equipment wouldn’t hold up to our standards. The Stamina|X Warrior is as tough as it looks. Made from steel and padded on the grips and plyo box, it can handle any workout you can throw at it. Find your inner Warrior: You don’t need to pay a membership fee to a crowded gym to get an intense workout. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house! The Stamina|X Warrior fits easily into your home, saving you time and money. Get strong, get ripped, and find your inner Warrior!

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