The Human Trainer – Olympic Ring Kit

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Top Feature :
Improve your upper body, lower body and core strength

Item Description:

The Human Trainer Olympic Ring Kit is fully operational as a stand-alone piece of fitness equipment. The Kit includes 2 Olympic Rings, 4x Short Versatility Anchors and 2 Ceiling Mounts. The Olympic Ring Kit allows you to do an immense variety of exercises including movements done by gymnasts and a variety of training programs. The Kit allows for the option of attaching the Olympic Rings to the Versatility Anchors or the Ceiling Mounts. Attaching the Olympic Rings to the Ceiling Mounts allows for exercises such as push-ups, dips, and chest flies. The Dual Versatility Anchors can easily be attached to trees, overhead beams and other sturdy structures, allowing you to take full advantage of The Olympic Ring Kit’s versatility and portability. Improve your upper-body strength, endurance, and stabilizer muscles with The Human Trainer Olympic Ring Kit.

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