XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and Accessory Package XM-7626 (Gray)

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Item ASIN: B00823OQHU
Top Feature :
Hands down the XM-7626 is the most versatile piece of equipment for your family’s home gym. Easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall.

Item Description:

Featuring dual 200 lb. weight stacks, the XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626 provides true isolateral-based movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. The user can also customize the trainer to fit their body and movements with 19 unique column adjustments. Included are a tricep rope, short bar, long bar, leg extension leg curl strap, ankle strap, two hand straps and two long strap handles. The user can also perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the split grip pull-up bar. The XMark Functional Trainer is built with 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ rectangular steel, has skid-resistant feet and a scratch-resistant, baked powder coat finish. Sculpt, build and define your body with XMark, the mark of excellence. Features: • Two 200 lb. weight stacks • Quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings • Includes 2 hand straps, 2 long strap handles, tricep rope, short bar, long bar, leg extension leg curl strap and an ankle strap • Split handle grip pull-up chin-up bar • Molded rubber hand grips • Skid resistant feet • Heavy duty, 11 gauge 2″ x 3″ steel construction • Bake powder coat finish • Dimensions: 35.5″L x 70.9″W x 83.9″H

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