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“Afro Dance Groove”is the style of dance which is the simplified groove of movement of traditional West African dance. This program is created for recreation ,fitness,and stress relief. It can also be utilized as dance lessons for you to learn technique in order to improve performance.1 Rhumba ーWarm up 4:342 Funk Attack 4:573 Socene 5:164 Sunu 5:045 6/8 4:526 Soca 5:407 Cool Down   4:418 Soca ☆Dance track 2:279 Soul Chikatetsu ☆Bonus track 2:04ALL PLAY       41:00Sub-audio(Japanese)Tomoko Yanagidadancer,choreographer,researcherStudied choreography and performance,and Dance Ethnology at UCLA.Got M.A. in Dance.Teaching and performing West African dance and keep visiting West Africa for studying dance and fieldwork.

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