Beach Body Workout Bundle (Shape, Tone, Firm, and Mix It Up)

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Shape It Up! Opposing Muscke Group.

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Bender Ball: The Gliding & Bender Method of Body Sculpting:

Bender Ball creator, Leslee Bender and Gliding Discs creator, Mindy Mylrea team up to bring you the Gliding & Bender Method of Body Sculpting. Mindy introduces you to the Gliding discs and then Leslee and Mindy alternate stepping up each others workout using the Bender Ball and Gliding Discs. This workout combines two great fitness products to make one fantastic, toning, and total body sculpting workout. The Bender Ball and Gliding Discs are sold separately………..

Bender Ball Method The Bender Method Of Pilates:

Leslee Bender created the Bender Method of Pilates training that combines Pilates exercises with a mini ball, also called a Bender Ball. Many Pilates exercises are possible with a Bender Ball, not just the ones taught by Bender. These exercises increase your core muscles’ ability to stabilize your body without building large muscles……

Bender Ball the Bender Method for a Strong Healthy Back:

Standard Crunches vs the Bender Ball With the Bender Ball, every move you make sculpts your abs perfectly. Leslee Bender’s Selective Stabilization method gets your muscles working at the highest intensity, targeting the muscles across your core. The Bender Ball workout surpasses a workout of standard crunches by up to 408%**. This means you can spend less less time working out to sculpt beautiful abs fast! Over 4 Times More Effective than Regular Stomach Crunches! …..

The Bender Method of Selective Core Training:

3 workouts each designed to isolate and target a specific area of your core. Workout 1 focuses on your upper abs, then in Workout 2 chisels away at those love handles, your Side Obliques, and to give you the focus on the hard to reach deep lower abs, Leslee has designed Workout 3. Select one or do all three for a total ab rippling workout. Each section ends with a well deserved stretch.

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