Beginners Bun & Thigh Roller The Ultimate Toning and Power Workout VHS Video

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Bun & Thigh Roller 2003 The Ultimate Toning and Power Workout VHS for Beginners – Designed to be used with the Bun & Thigh Roller. Anyone can use it! The Bun & Thigh Roller is as easy to use as a rocking chair. As you rock backwards, the resistance band challenges your muscles, making them stronger, tighter and more toned while minimizing impact to your knees and back. The padded back and head rest provide a comfortable workout that doesn’t feel like work. And the Bun & Thigh Roller adjusts to your height, so it fits anybody. Eight resistance settings! By using different combinations of the resistance bands, the Bun & Thigh Roller provides eight levels of difficulty, so it’s great for a total beginner or a serious athlete. Just five minutes a day! The revolutionary sculpting arc motion targets five muscle groups with one magic motion. In just five minutes you can workout these five muscle groups: glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs, and outer thighs (abductors). Note the Bun & Thigh Roller is not included with the VHS tape.

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