BODYBOUNCE Fitness and Stability Ball Workout DVD

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Eleven fitness ball workouts that are easy and as fun as dancing

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Roll” some fun into your fitness program with the BodyBounce® workout. BodyBounce® is a brand-new type of workout that offers a full-body cardio routine that not only targets the whole body but also helps with endurance, balance, flexibility, and stability. The routines are executed on a fitness ball and can be adjusted to any fitness level from a beginner to the advanced. The workout is choreographed to music and the rhythmic moves allow you to feel like you are dancing rather than working out! The BodyBounce® workout is designed to be used with a fitness ball (Not included) and can be enjoyed by women, men, teens, children, and seniors. Artist: By Franiko, Inc. Biography of Fitness instructors: Francine Sandoval and Miko Martin are ACE® Certified personal trainers. They have been a part of the fitness industry for years, which included owning a women’s gym, where they developed the BodyBounce® workout. They graduated from Loma Linda University with MSW degrees and currently reside in California with their spouses. They believe in a holistic approach to fitness and have a passion in helping others achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. A note from the trainers: We hope you love the BodyBounce® workout as much as we do and you can finally say, “Exercise is fun!” Fitness Ball Not Included

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