Brain Breaks Home DVD Vol. 1

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Learn moves from Bollywood, a Hollywood stunt sequence, or hip-hop dance

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Brain Breaks® Physical Activity Solution is the most researched video based physical activity/physical education tool on the market today. Multiple new studies scheduled to be published in the upcoming months demonstrate marked changes in students’ classroom behavior and knowledge retention while showing a dramatic change in their perception of physical activity. Physical Activity in short bursts breaks up the day, priming schildren for learning while providing a structured and sequential activity to combat restlessness. Numerous research studies have shown that immediately following physical activity the brain is more receptive to new information while retention and concentration rates both rise. In short, activity belongs in the home and the Brain Breaks® program makes incorporating it simple and easy! Brain Breaks® Physical Activity Solution videos appeal to a broad spectrum of children across age, gender, and fitness level utilizing skill progression to correctly teach movement. With Brain Breaks® children don’t just “get the wiggles out” they are taught proper form and movement to inspire a lifetime of healthy choices. Brain Breaks, provides research based lesson plans designed specifically for school-aged children and their families, creating a family culture centered on health and fitness. Fitness programs marketed to adults tend to focus on sculpting specific body areas; however children require total body fitness. Brain Breaks’ fun physical activities are designed for the whole family, building foundational knowledge and skill development through repetition. Play time isn’t just for kids anymore.

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