Championship Productions Mike Krzyzewski: All Access Duke Basketball Practice (2010-11) DVD

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Learn how Mike Krzyzewski trains his players to get better throughout the season

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With Mike Krzyzewski “Coach K,” Duke University Head Men’s Basketball Coach; 4-time NCAA National Champions (’91, ’92, ’01, ’10) 2008 Men’s Olympic Basketball Coach (Gold Medal); NABC “Coach of the Decade,”12-time NABC “Coach of the Year,” Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2001). In this in-depth look into the Duke’s Men’s Basketball program, Coach Mike Krzyzewski and staff take you through a day in the life of a Blue Devil. In the first segment of this series, Associate Head Coaches Chris Collins and Steve Wojciechowski break down the perimeter and big guys with individual skill work focusing on fundamentals and principles of Duke Basketball. Coach K takes the court and discusses early season goals and how his practice is designed. Throughout the practice, Krzyzewski explains how he chooses drills and how they translate into accomplishing team goals. After the practice, the Associate Head Coaches hold a QandA session. Listen in as they discuss their ball-screen defense, zone offense, scouting philosophy and more Individual Workouts Coach Wojciechowski begins the workouts warming-up the post players with defensive fundamental drills. After the warm-ups they jump straight into physical drills to defend the post, counter baseline drives, and finishing off possessions with rebounding. On the offensive side of the ball they work on finishing at the rim, playing off penetration, and ball-screen situations that replicate game-situations. Coach Collins takes the perimeter players onto the court warming them up with ball-handling and fundamental passing drills. After the warm-up they work in the full-court on developing good ball pressure and ball-handling ability. On offense, they work on spacing, surveying the court, and attacking the basket. Within all of their drills they stay true to their principles and work on the situations that they will see in live situations.

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