Diamondo WOSHIJIE HD Video Intercom Doorbell Villa Type One 7 Inch Building Intercom

List Price: $135.69
Item Price : $133.69-$135.69 Check Price
Item ASIN: B073Q33YQ2
Top Feature :
Screen size: 7 “(16: 9 display)

Item Description:

1. Applied ultra high definition camera board, with good camera shooting effect. 2. The lens viewing angle can be adjusted up and down according to need. 3. Hands-free talkback function. 4. Door Access Control System. 5. Entry is by PIN only. 6. Entry is by card only. 7. Entry by card and PIN together 8. remote control unlock 9. Electronic control lock function. 10. High Sensitivity touches keys. 11. The indoor unit can be wall-mounted, it can be placed on the desktop. 12. Outdoor monitoring function. 13. Indoor mutual talkback function. 14. Brightness, color and sound volume of indoor phone can be adjusted. 15. Indoor phone has thin design, all of this makes its luxurious high-quality decorative style. 16. There are 25 pieces beautiful chord music ringtone can be chosen. 17. Outdoor station is exquisite and durable; it has function of viewing at night by infrared. 18. The available distance is 200M to connect the connection wire; he guide line with 4×0.75MM square meter can be used. it will not affect the picture it shows and talkback. 19.Complete accessories are attached, users can install the machine by the mselves according to the Operation Instructions , they also can enjoy the happiness which is from the installation. 20.packagesize:about.260mmx105mmx150mm gross weight :about.2110g

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