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40 minute home yoga class designed especially for large women and men.

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Yoga Journal Review of Expanding into Fullness December 2011 issue:
“Expanding into Fullness with Ananda Yoga teacher Sally Pugh is quite possibly the best weight-loss yoga video on the market because it pays attention to the realities of practicing with a bigger body.
Pugh offers a kind-hearted welcome, followed by clear, compassionate instruction. Her real-life students, everyday overweight and obese women, mindfully and beautifully move through a simple 40-minute practice that includes warm-up stretches; seated, standing, and supine poses; breath awareness; relaxation; and meditation. They demonstrate what it looks like to do yoga when you’re 30, 100, or even 200 pounds overweight. There are no judgments, no comparisons, and no messages about working toward a weight-loss goal. Rather, Pugh’s understated focus is that it’s important to do the practice right now, just as you are.
As an overweight women myself, I find it reassuring – and inspiring – to watch these women practice with such peacefulness and grace. Clearly, Pugh understands that the most powerful motivational force resides within and that it might awaken under the light of compassionate awareness. She respects both her students – and her audience – enough to step back and let the benefits of the practice unfold.”

Yoga International DVD Review, Summer 2012 issue:
“Yoga is for all shapes and sizes as Sally Pugh so expertly demonstrates in her new DVD, Expanding into Fullness – a 40 minute sequence tailored to the needs of large women….Pugh’s instruction is first-rate, with special attention given to props, chairs, and pose modifications. Practitioners as well as students will benefit greatly from Pugh’s insights — and her inclusive teaching style.”

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