Fibromyalgia Exercise DVD

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Fibromyalgia exercise DVD

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In partnership with Fibromyalgia UK and available internationally Adam Foster, The Fibro Guy, has worked with those affected with chronic pain conditions for many years. His extensive experience and own research has allowed him opportunities to perfect his programmes to find and address root causes of pain in individuals. Adam has worked with people affected by fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers-danlos syndrome and hypermobility with great success. In partnership with Fibromyalgia UK, Adam has now produced the worlds first home-based graded exercise programme for those with fibromyalgia who wish to exercise safely, efficiently and without fear of a flare up. His approach is unique; rather than simply giving instructions, Adam uses personal training to take you through a graded exercise approach where in you work towards completing each stage at your own pace using modified, low impact, fibro friendly exercises. Adam has specifically designed his programme to build you up slowly and safely.

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