Hank Haney’s Essentials Ground Breaking Instructional Series

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Disc 1 – The Full Swing

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Hank Haney’s 4-DVD Set has everything you need to bring your best game to the course every round. Hosted by legendary golf instructor Hank Haney, this set includes four DVDs – The Full Swing, The Short Game, Putting and a BONUS DVD covering Strategy. This essential series will take you through each and every aspect of your golf game including tips on club selection, ball striking, getting to the green and getting it in the hole! Take your confidence, your ability and overall game to the next level and lower your scores with this amazing 4-DVD set.

The Strategy DVD will help you manage on of the hardest parts of the game – playing smart golf! This groundbreaking DVD focuses on club selection, avoiding mistakes and how to address problem situations.

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