Hydro Interval Training Workout Video – Water Warrior Vol.1

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Choose from 1-6 Rounds 10 Min Each

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Digital or DVD copies available. Water training provides 80% more resistance than air alone. Use the water as your own gym! Learn to Heal and Train in the Water with this deep end and shallow end workout video. This video offers 5 different workout options showing and telling you how to perform each exercise. You are in the Driver’s seat of your own workout looking for a release 1st then adding to it as desired. Either watch the workout prior or take your IPad or smart phone and use a water proof case or Ziploc and workout watching or listening. A noodle and bucket will be needed or items that serve a similar purpose can be used as well. Warrior on! email: waterwarrior-ca@hotmail.com www.waterwarrior.us

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