Instructional Dog Training Videos – 5 DVD Set in English

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OBEDIENCE DOG TRAINING – DVD #1 COMMANDS: SIT – DOWN – UP DVD #1 is very important because the learning sequence of obedience commands is determined according to the methods of the correct dog training process. All 3 commands «Come», «Sit» and «Up» are important for the development of patience in 3 different positions. Without these commands it is impossible to make the dog obedient. OBEDIENCE DOG TRAINING – DVD #2 COMMANDS: HEEL – PLACE – APORT The command “Heel” is one of the most important commands that we use while walking or running with a dog. The command “Place” is one of the commands you cannot manage without in everyday life. The command “Aport” teaches a dog how to bring objects of various size and weight, which develops the dog intellectually and allows you to use the command in various spheres of life. All of these commands are demonstrated in 3 training methods, depending on the age and individual qualities of the dog. OBEDIENCE DOG TRAINING – DVD #3 MOTIVATION & TRAINING EQUIPMENT Correctly chosen equipment, as well as methods of encouragement and motivation is 90% of a successful result in training yourdog. Equipment is simply necessary for quick and effective dog training. BODYGUARD DOG TRAINING – DVD #4 This video shows the first training level for the bodyguard dog – a step-by-step process for training a dog to protect its master during a walk, at home, as well as how to protect a vehicle itself and with its owner is inside. You will see how the dog learns to distinguish the behavioral psychology of people, who represent a threat or who are ill disposed towards the dog’s owner. DVD #5 – BODYGUARD DOG – LEVEL TWO This DVD shows in detail the processes of development of defensive skills, as well as a demonstration of an already trained working bodyguard dog. DVD Language: English Running Time: more then 3 hours of video Format: NTSC, ALL Region! (DVD will play on any computer and USA/Canada DVD players!)

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