Jump Rope MASTERY DVD – Jump Rope DVD With Routines, Exercises & Techniques To Improve Fitness, Agility, Cardio & To Tone Body

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Item ASIN: B00V29CY3E
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◢ TIP TOP SHAPE – We serve up more than two full hours of high quality jump rope routines and techniques instructionals for you to use! Anyone from the toe catching newbie to the double-under elite, we’ve got you covered, prepped and ready with workouts designed to meet your fitness level and help you push yourself to be the very best you can be!

Item Description:

YOU CAN’T BELIEVE YOU JUST ATE THAT WHOLE PIZZA… We can’t believe it either, but we’ve got something that will help you work it right back off! Get your caloric burn on with this fantastic Jump Rope Mastery DVD From Epitomie Fitness!! ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! With instruction from renown NYC fitness expert Dan Sigafoos, you’ll be able to go from double-blunder, to double-under in no time! With courses designed for beginners to advanced jump ropers, you’ll find what you need with us! Dan is an expert jumper and he runs through 3 full routines as well as teaching you more than 15 techniques. Want to learn how to do running cross and double-unders, no problems! JACK OF ALL SPORTS Whether it’s CrossFit, MMA, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball, Cross Training, Football, or whatever else you do, the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope are undeniable. It’s a fantastic addition to any gym workout or home exercise routine you already have in place, or on it’s own! I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Filmed in high definition with high fidelity sound, giving you the most quality for your money as possible. You’ll see every move clearly, and hear every cue clearly. BUYERS INSURANCE. Don’t forget about our HAPPY SHOPPER GUARANTEE! If you aren’t completely satisfied, just send it back our way for a full refund of the purchase price. LOSE WEIGHT, AND FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOUR BODY TODAY AND CLICK THE “ADD TO CART BUTTON” NOW!!

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