JumpSport Resistance Band Cardio Workout Video

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The Resistance Band Cardio exercise combines a vigorous cardio workout with upper-body strength training.

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Join fitness trainers Michelle and Kara as they demonstrate how you can improve your fitness skill level by combining a challenging cardio workout with resistance band strength training on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline.The Resistance Band Cardio workout begins with a brief warm up and an overview of the exercises you will be completing.This video is designed so you can follow along with the trainers as they perform four different exercise routines. Each of the routines are done in 40 second intervals followed by 20 seconds of rest.A resistance band is used to improve your muscle tone while your body is experiencing a vigorous cardio workout at the same time.The trainers go through the circuit two times on the Resistance Band Cardio Workout DVD but suggest you perform the circuit two additional times.After the cardio workout, there is 60 seconds of active recovery followed by 5-10 minutes of light full body stretches.

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